About Us

Where did it start? Who is IndigoChilli?

about us chilli

Hello, my name is Peter Meech, founder of IndigoChilli.com

I started web development in the mid 90s, working for small startups as a junior developer to being the technical director of a large, well known media company.

During my career I have worn many hats; developer, trainer, project manager and systems administrator to name a few, but my ethos has always been the same; always aim to exceed your clients expectations, make the task enjoyable and engaging for them and avoid jargon wherever possible.

IndigoChilli was founded with the same principles, we want to build your website, not give you a selection of templates to pick from, if you have a great idea we want to listen. You should look back to when your site was made and smile, not grimace.

So lets start making your idea a reality. Lets start talking today.